What Readers Are Saying About When All Balls Drop – A Great Gift

As some of us prepare for our yearly Thanksgiving outing to the grocery store to stock up on a frozen turkey, yams, and pumpkin pie while the remaining pack suitcases ready to bare some of the busiest days on the roads and in the airports, we are all doing one thing in common. We are preparing for spy mode.

You, I, and yes the family member next to you at the Thanksgiving table are all doing it. We have one day prior to holiday shopping’s early bird start on Black Friday to gain intel as to what Uncle Joe, Cousin Caris, or Grandma wants this year. If you are not going to subject yourself to the Black Friday lines or the anxiety of getting the wrong size yet again, why not listen to what readers are saying about When All Balls Drop.

This is a great book and easy read but also a great gift for anyone who if facing some health or other challenges in their life, I have bought several copies for gifts.” – Else – Read full review here

It’s witty, funny and real….It’s a must. You will identify with her story more than once.” – Lourdes – Read full review here

Loved this book!  Heidi writes with her heart, humor and pain for all to see.” – Verna – Read full review here

When All Balls Drop sheds light on how it’s possible to look up in spite of tremendous odds. It’s a great gift, rich with hope and humor.

Why not skip the mall madness this year? Get your copy of When All Balls Drop and gift copies for your family and friends, here.

Here’s to looking up!


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