What Readers Are Saying About When All Balls Drop


If you have been keeping up with the When All Balls Drop launch and book tour, you have read both the reviews of book critics and bloggers. However, in a world where increasingly the recommendations of friends, followers, and people just like you are crucial, let me share with you what readers say about When All Balls Drop.

What Readers Are Saying About When All Balls Drop?

Inspirational and Funny – “Siefkas shows that we are tougher than we may think and with a little humor, and a lot of reflection and soul searching, you can overcome anything in life. Even those things that seem impossible in the moment. If you enjoy a good memoir that makes you feel the rollercoaster of emotions and also teaches valuable life lessons with a humorous twist, you will enjoy this book.” – Shannon C see full review

I love Heidi’s candor and willingness to share all – “This captivating book truly shows how the ability to laugh at yourself, especially in times of adversity, can have profound effects. I loved Heidi’s candor and willingness to share all to benefit others in difficult circumstances. Her sense of humor reveals a key coping mechanism which can minimize pain and broaden your perspective. It keeps you positive and helps you enjoy life as it unfolds despite challenges.” – Lesley see full review

It’s well-written and would be good for anyone going traumatic life experiences – “If what you need is an uplifting book, not another ‘pull-yourself-together’ self-help book, then this one is for you. It’s well written & would be a great suggestion for anyone who is going through traumatic life experiences or knows someone who is.” – Liz T see full review

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