When All Balls Drop Spotted on the Go – Where Are You Reading It

As I’m packing by bags for a trip to Boston, where a large portion of my early recovery shared in When All Balls Drop took place, I thought I would share with you a few images of where readers are enjoying my book. Coincidentally, all are on the go or traveling.

They are certainly not alone in this as I’ve been known to carry books (maybe too many) on my travels. Although I’m shifting towards only a Kindle, I’m sure I will sneak a paperback (or two) into my carry on for today as well.

Check out where When All Balls Drop was spotted on the go!


Starting from the top left corner and going clockwise:

1) Reading When All Balls Drop on the bus from Tuscany to Rome

2) Enjoying When All Balls Drop on a long flight to Seattle

3) Packing excellent reads, including When All Balls Drop and Arianna Huffington’s Thrive, for a Pura Vida trip to Costa Rica. Did you know Arianna had a When All Balls Drop moment too? It just happened to be in her office with the corner of her desk being the culprit, not a tree limb.

Where are you reading When All Balls Drop?

Just like these clan members, please send your pictures of where you are reading When All Balls Drop, I’d like to see how far the message travels and the hearts and minds it touches.

BTW, if you are in the Boston area, I will be hosting a reading and book signing at Brookline Booksmith this Saturday 11/1 from 4-5pm as well as on the Jordan Rich Show on WBZ.

Here’s to looking up!


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