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Our friend, Heidi Siefkas, turned a catastrophic trifecta into a lifestyle reset.

We first met our friend, Heidi Siefkas, here on Kauai. As we got to know her adventurous nature, it seemed to us she was a woman who knew exactly who she was, where she was going, and how to take the most exciting (and possibly dangerous, just for kicks) route to get there. We were kindred spirits in many ways: midwest small town upbringing, travel bloggers, corporate escapees. Heidi is just the sort of enthusiastic traveler we love to talk story with; her travels have taken her all over the globe, and she and her partner in crime, Brian are always up for aloha hour, too!

But there’s far more to Heidi than would first meet the eye. Little did we realize her personal journey included devastating loss. We came to understand that there was real depth behind the confidence and optimistic nature we admired. The universe had delivered a 3-way sucker punch one fall afternoon, and suddenly, all the balls Heidi had been juggling – career, marriage, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle – came crashing down.

Listen to our podcast conversation about her memoir: When All Balls Drop.

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