Look Up – My Mantra

This year, I completed writing a memoir of my life change, which happened nearly five years ago. It is entitled When All Balls Drop – The Upside of Losing Everything and will be released this fall. In it, I share my amazing story where in an unpredictable, split second, my life as I knew it stopped. One moment I was a healthy, thirty-something, married, globetrotting professional, the next I broke my neck, lost my job, and uncovered many broken promises, all the while far far away from where I called home.

Through a nearly nine month recovery in New York, Massachusetts, and Florida, I gratefully gained my health, independence, and happiness back.One may think that, after such a test and winning against all odds, I would never forget the lessons. But old habits—and bad habits are hard to break. That’s why I started Look Up Day. Celebrated each twenty-seventh, it reminds us all to, first, slow down and be aware of our surroundings and, second, take each situation and spin it positively. I share Look Up Day—with you.

Can you relate? Have you had a health scare, accident, job loss, or a bad break up? On top of one of those big challenges in life, did you spill coffee on your new shirt, get a parking ticket, or send an embarassing text to the wrong person? When life serves you a bunch of difficult challenges, both big and small, I call that a Look Up Moment.

I bet you’ve had a Look Up Moment or perhaps a boatload of moments? I would love to celebrate this Look Up Day by hearing from you about your Look Up Moments. Please share your Look Up Moments in the comments and sign up for my updates and news on the fall release of When All Balls Drop – The Upside of Losing Everything.

I leave you with this little reminder. If someday you’re like me rushing to get to work or school on time and everything is hindering your progress: bus stops, red lights, and an abnormally long line at Dunkin Donuts for the very much needed caffeine fix, look up. Hopefully, you arrive on time, but you find yourself with two, trendy mismatched shoes, you forgot to brush your teeth, and you just got your period, look up. Then, life serves you a real curveball with a health scare, divorce papers, or a pink slip; even though it is not what you planned, look up.

Be aware of your surroundings appreciating the beauty as well as it alerts warning of danger. Spin each situation in a positive light. Happiness is perspective.

Here’s to looking up!


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