Non-traditional Therapists

Although I used both traditional and non-traditional therapists in my life-changing recovery spanning trauma, divorce, and loss of job. I found out that much therapy can be done outside of a counselor’s office. I bet you didn’t know that you don’t always have to lie on someone else’s couch. There are non-traditional methods that worked for me. And, I did them on my own couch.

Here’s an excerpt from my memoir, When All Balls Drop, about my suggestion for a little non-traditional therapy.

On a bad day either from work or just from a fight with your partner, do take a peek at one of the numerous talk shows whether Oprah or Jerry Springer, open up a page of David Sedaris’ edgy, yet pee-your-pants funny books, or view the National Inquirer at the grocery store.

There is a reason why so many of us watch talk shows, reality television, and read the pop, gossip magazines in the grocery line. It is therapy. By witnessing others that are going through something strange, uncomfortable, or just messy makes us feel more a ease with our own situations. So if you have or are going through a health scare or medical problem, I have a story for you. Also, if you have suffered or are suffering from a bad relationship, I have a book for you to read. Lastly, if you lost your job and want to change careers, I had written something for you.

In my up and coming memoir, I will touch upon topics such as healthcare, recovery from a traumatic accident, relationships, marriage, friendships, job loss, and life-change. Between now and its release, this fall, I will be adding posts in relation to topics in the book. Stay tuned.


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