Dose of Friendship

Although much of my physical and emotional recovery from my accident in 2009, I had to do myself, I quickly learned that you need a clan or a pack of people that support you. No single person can be there for you all the time, nor can they know the perfect thing to say or do in every situation.

When the doctors, counselors, and family were telling me I was almost healed, I needed something to get me the last ten yards or at least a little closer to the end zone, being completely well. It wasn't a pill, another exercise, or reading another book. I didn't know it, but I needed a dose of friendship. Luckily, my friends knew it. I'm glad I have smart friends.

Here's an excerpt from my memoir, When All Balls Drop, of a much-needed visit by two friends, Elaine and Adriana:

 I was so shy about reaching out to them for help because of my lack energy, inability to drive or other normal things, and all of my emotional mess. It turned out to be the best rehabilitation, both mentally and emotionally, that I could have received. I was eternally grateful for their visit as well as the wisdom that the time with them installed in me. Adriana said in her farewell note, “Good friends remind us of who you were, who you are, and who you want to become.” Afterwards, I wondered if health insurance would include plane tickets for friends in their coverage. I didn’t think there would have been anything better than friend therapy.

Don't underestimate the power of friendship and the emotional support from your clan.

Have you called your friends lately? Isn't it time for a friend getaway?

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