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Author Heidi Siefkas Featured on Slippery Trail

Author Heidi Siefkas shares with Slippery Trail's host Vance Iles her powerful story of recovery and life change from a traumatic accident in the fall of 2009. Heidi explains why she decided to write her memoir When All Balls Drop. She also tells of her experience on a recent hike of the Kalalau Trail in…
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Just Read Review – Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan

As I have been posting reviews of my own memoir, When All Balls Drop, from both book critics and readers like you, I wanted to share what I have been reading. Last fall, I read Susannah Cahalan's amazingly raw autobiography after being introduced to it through various readers that attended my signings in not only…
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When All Balls Drop Spotted with a Cosmo Staying Warm in New England

When All Balls Drop and its message of Looking Up has been spotted around the world in: NYC, Russia, Fort Lauderdale, Beantown, Wisconsin, Kauai, Rome, Tuscany, with our fury friends, on the go, amongst the Fall colors, Canada, Down Under, Fiji, and now inside with a cosmo staying warm in New England. Thank you Justin for submitting this photo. It's…
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