Miami Cuba Speaker

Miami Cuba Speaker, Heidi Siefkas

Although originally from a small-town in Wisconsin, Heidi has spent the last six years in Cuba leading countless educational tours as well as researching her latest book, Cubicle to Cuba. With an incredible understanding of Cuba's complicated past, present, and future, her expertise is teaching others about Cuban culture and the many life lessons from the island. Heidi hangs her many hats in South Florida. However, as an adventurer, she’s never home for long. Your best bet is to find her in Cuba. Both interactive and entertaining, Heidi’s style is down-to-earth with just the right dose of humor and perspective.


Cuban Culture and Travel Topics

  • Travel to Cuba – Why NOW is the Time to Go
  • The Colors of Cuba: Architecture, Cars, Art, y Más
  • The Flavors of Cuba: Rum, Cigars, Coffee, y Más
  • Cuban Rhythms, Dance, and Lifestyle
  • 5 Things You Don't Know About Cuba But Should
  • Cuba – Where Past and Present Coexist
  • Cuba 2.0 – The Evolution of Key of the Gulf
  • Life Lessons from the Once Forbidden Island

To witness Heidi in action, check out this Cuba 101 video as well as her TEDx Talk:

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