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What I Know for Sure – The Most Important Life Tool is

Thanks for joining me today for What I Know for Sure! I promise to keep it short and sweet. So if you're ready, I invite you to click the play arrow to view this vlog. Thank you again for joining. Please share this video with your circles, comment below, and remember the most important life tool…
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Why Add Adventure to Your Life – Three Benefits of Adventure

Ready for an Unconventional Lifestyle Tip that Can Change Your Life? We all know there are proven benefits to taking vitamins, going to the gym, and eating right. However, I bet I'm the first to suggest adding ADVENTURE to your life. If you are looking to take your life to the next level or wanting…
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The Four Best Adventure Travel Destinations in Cuba

When most think of Cuba, the images of old American cars, cigars, and mojitos come to mind. Although I have enjoyed riding in many pristine classic cars in Cuba as well as smoking a Cohiba while imbibing a rum libation or three, I have to tell you Cuba is so much more than cars, cigars,…
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