Monthly Archives: July 2014

Happy Look Up Day – Let’s Groove

I invite you once again to my backyard, this time from the comforts of my hammock, where I share my story, why I created Look Up Day, and the concept of looking up! I share Look Up Day—the twenty-­seventh of every month—with you. So, please join me, receive a free forty-page excerpt of When All…
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Cultural Travel to Kauai through Taro

I say potato, you say patato. I say tomato, you say tamato. I say taro, whereas in Kauai, many will say kalo. Regardless of how you say it, on your travels to Kauai, you will no doubt come across taro in one of its numerous forms whether eating poi at a luau or awing at…
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Inspirational Female Authors in Writing When All Balls Drop

As I talk about my memoir, When All Balls Drop, many ask me about the process of writing, in particular where I found my inspiration. Since my book is non-fiction, I didn't have to brainstorm about content; however, I did need to come up with the guts. I can't lie. Although my story is powerful and…
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