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A Gesture that Brought Tears to My Eyes in Havana Cuba

On a Cruise to Cuba It was a bit before midnight in Old Havana, our ship, the Carnival Paradise, had just left the terminal. Many of the guests, including myself, had decided to go to the upper decks to get their last glimpse of Havana. Meanwhile, hundreds of Habaneros where gathered on the famous Malecón,…
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Two Reader Reviews of When All Balls Drop from Book Signing in Cuba

Here's not one, but two great reader reviews of When All Balls Drop. These come from two readers from Author Heidi Siefkas' Havana, Cuba book signings. Trees Are Not (always) Your Friend- "This book chronicles her survival and recovery from a truly devastating physical injury. After being crushed by a fallen tree Heidi illuminates the strategies she formulated…
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