Howdy adventurers and welcome to #ChatAdventure!

My name is @HeidiSiefkas. I host #ChatAdventure at 3:30pm EDT on the last Wednesday of the month. This is a collaborative chat on Twitter where we share adventure stories, pictures, and tips. If you are interested in adventure, which includes travel, new activities, new people, different foods, expanding your horizons, and more, come along for the ride.

The next #ChatAdventure is Weds, March 28th at 3:30pm EDT with Pay It Forward with  Co-hosts @Touchse and @Nicolette_O


3:30pm Welcome to #ChatAdventure! Please introduce yourself with a wacky selfie. #travel #wanderlustwednesday #adventure

3:33pm The purpose of this #ChatAdventure is to Pay It Forward to Help Another Adventurer Out. Get your pictures, travel tips, & stories ready!#travel #adventure

 3:35pm: Q1 Brag a bit! Is there an adventure destination or activity that you are an expert? Where/what & highlight with a post + pic? #ChatAdventure #travel #adventure

3:47pm: Q2 What’s your next adventure? Where/When/What? Perhaps the #ChatAdventure community has a specialist(s) for you! #travel #adventure

3:50pm: Q3 What’s your biggest obstacle for your next adventure? #ChatAdventure #travel #adventure

3:57pm: Q4 Share a pic or GIF that expresses the emotion you feel when on an #adventure. #ChatAdventure #travel

4:01pm Thank you for joining us @HeidiSiefkas @Touchse @Nicolette_O! Next #ChatAdventure-April 25th, 2018 at 3:30pm EDT

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